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Industry Solutions

Hundreds of thousands of organizations rely on Microsoft to power their business and deliver industry leading products. 

Microsoft for your Industry

Microsoft business software is designed for the modern business.  

Aerospace Manufacturing ERP Software

Aerospace and Defense

Automotve Aftermarket Manufacturing ERP Software

Automotive Aftermarket

Consumer Goods Manufacturing ERP Software

Consumer Goods

Construction Manufacturing ERP Software

Construction Products & Equipment 

Electrical Manufacturing ERP Software


Electronics & High Tech ERP Software

Electronics & High Tech

Fastener Manufactring ERP Software
Fastener Manufacturing ERP Software


Food & Beverage Manufacturing ERP Software

Food & Beverage

HVAC Manufacturing ERP Software


Industrial Equipment Manufacturing ERP Software

Industrial Equipment

Industrial Packaging Manufacturing ERP Software

Industrial Packaging

Janitorial ERP Software


Job Shops Manufacturing ERP Software

Job Shops

Make to Order Manufacturing ERP Software


Medical Devices Manufacturing ERP Software

Medical Devices

Metal Fabrication ERP Software

Metal Fabrication

Plumbing Manufacturing ERP Software


Rental ERP Software


Rubber & Plastics Manufacturing ERP Software

Rubber and Plastics

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for your Department

Regardless of whether your an accountant who handles the financials, a marketer who handles campaigns, or in another line of work, Business Central has the tools you need to succeed in your role.

ERP Software for Owners


Uncover trends and opportunities.

ERP Software for Accountants


Gain quick access to financials.

ERP Software for Marketers

Marketing Manger

Target your target audience easily.

ERP Software for Sales Manager

Sales Manager

Use real-time information to make a sale on the spot.

ERP Software for Sales Associate

Sales Representative

Create a sales quote in a matter of minutes.

ERP Software for Project Managers

Project Manager

Perform common project management tasks efficiently and easy.

ERP Software for External Accountants

External Accountant

As an accountant outside of your organization it's a necessity for them to have secure access to your financials. 

ERP Software for Bookkeepers


Create invoices, pay bills, balance bank statements, and much more.


Microsoft Dynamics 365

White Paper

Four Technology Trends Helping Businesses Thrive in a Digital World

Microsoft Dynamics 365


Level the playing field

ERP Assessment


Free & Quick ERP Assessment

ERP Software

19.3 bil.

The amount spent on research and development in 2020

ERP Software

1.4+ bil.

In 2020 Microsoft donated over 1.4 billion dollars in software and services.

ERP Software

100 mil.

The amount of Microsoft Teams users.

ERP Software