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Some Favorite Features in the Business Central 2024 Release Wave 1

Business Central 2024 Release Wave 1 Favorite Features

As I investigate the interesting advancements in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central's 2024 Release Wave 1, some prominent features have piqued my interest. These additions empower people, streamline processes, and boost productivity. Let's get into my favorites:

Attach Multiple Files with Drag and Drop

Use drag-and-drop capabilities to easily connect multiple files to Business Central entries. This feature is especially useful for people who frequently work with several files that require association with certain records. The option to connect numerous files at once avoids the tedious, time-consuming procedure of uploading files one at a time, resulting in a more efficient and user-friendly experience.

Linking Business Central and Power Platform Environments

Business Central is now seamlessly integrated with Power Platform setups. Automate workflows, develop custom connectors, and construct sophisticated apps that run across both platforms. This interface provides limitless options for process automation and data flow.

Analysis Tabs Generated by Copilot

Copilot, your trusted AI helper, can now offer useful analysis tabs in Business Central. Simply describe how you'd like your data analysis structured and Copilot will take care of the rest. You'll gain faster insights into your data, spot trends, and make more educated decisions. Copilot's capacity to help with data analysis is transformative for commercial users.

How Business Central Analysis Tabs Work

Enter a description or keywords, and then choose how the data should be shown in the field by using the available options for columns, groups, pivots, filters, and sorting. AI-infused Copilot quickly learns your preferred structure, allowing you to customize and expand the provided analysis by adding more keywords. Also, Copilot will provide multiple names that you can select from for your new analysis tab.

Enhanced Development Tools for AL Developers

Developers, rejoice! Business Central expands its development tools to make AL development even more efficient. AL GO for GitHub improves productivity and code quality by enabling code reworking, functional testing, and ISV support.

Power Automation Integration with Copilot

Automate your workflows smoothly. Power Automate now interfaces with Copilot, allowing you to build bespoke automation flows using natural language. Say goodbye to manual activities and hello to productivity!

Extending Copilot

Developer tools for Copilot in Business Central allow partners to seamlessly integrate generative AI experiences into their extensions. Business Central's Copilot developer tools include distinctive UI components, an AI module for Azure OpenAI Service integration, guidelines, samples, and telemetry. Investigate prompt dialog upgrades, Copilot-branded action icons, placeholder text for brief instructions, prompt guides, and the ability to use the prompt dialog as a drop target for file drag-and-drop. The AI module now includes support for establishing function hierarchies, language information for administrators, and more accurate token counts when using Azure Open AI GPT models.

In addition, during the 2024 release wave 1, generative output will be refined via direct prompting on the output screen.

Archive Projects

Business Central's project archiving feature provides automatic functionality, similar to that of sales and purchases. Set up projects to archive seamlessly, enabling the development of new versions as changes occur, such as status updates, document deletion, printing, downloading, email sending, or invoice posting. You have complete control over archiving settings, which are modifiable through the Project Setup page.

Learn more: Archive Projects

One Invoice, Multiple Projects

Simplify billing by combining project planning lines from several projects into a single sales invoice. This procedure is equivalent to establishing a sales invoice from a project planning line and entering a value in the Append to Sales Invoice No. field.

Define a Service Invoice Posting Policy for Various Users

Customize invoice and shipment procedures to meet your company's specific needs by allowing users to set customized preferences for service invoicing. Use posting policies on the User Setup page to control user actions on service bills. The options include "Allowed" for the current behavior, "Prohibited" to limit invoice posting, and "Mandatory" to compel invoices to be posted alongside service shipments. Users can set their preferences in the Service Invoice Posting Policy field to provide flexibility and adherence to company-specific workflows.

Connected Experience - Business Central and Field Service

Integrating with Field Service streamlines service operations and ensures continuous information flow. Field Service allows users to simply create and manage work orders, track job progress, assign resources, and gather consumption data. Once a task is completed, the interface allows data to be transferred to Business Central for additional processing.

Furthermore, the integration makes it easier to invoice and fulfill work orders in Business Central, allowing for accurate and timely billing based on field service activity and consumption. This unified process minimizes manual data entry, lowers errors, saves time, and provides a comprehensive view of service operations and finances to aid decision-making.

Ultimately, Dynamics 365 Business Central's 2024 Release Wave 1 introduces a new wave of innovation and efficiency. Users and developers alike can appreciate everything from Copilot's intelligent help to seamless Power Platform integration. As we traverse the ever-changing landscape of business, Business Central remains a dependable partner, streamlining procedures and empowering enterprises around the world. Remember, this is only the beginning.

Be on the look out for episode 58 of our podcast A Shot of Business Central and A Beer for a more in-depth analyses of each feature.

Whether you're a seasoned user or a curious newbie, Dynamics 365 Business Central offers opportunities for growth, productivity, and limitless possibilities. Let's embrace the future together!




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