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Solved: Entering Credentials in SharePoint

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Microsoft 365 SharePoint is a wonderful tool used by many people and organizations through out the world to collaborate while using other Microsoft products. The only downside that I've encountered while using SharePoint was having to enter my login credentials numerous times. For example, I would have to enter my credentials to login and then enter them again to download a document. Not only was this consuming more of my time it was also highly annoying, and thus began my search to remedy the issue and offer a solution to others.

1. Type inetcpl.cpl into the Cortana search and then press enter

Microsoft SharePoint

2. The Internet Properties window will open

Internet Properties Window

3. Click Local Intranet

4. Click Sites

5. Click Advanced

Local Intranet Window

6. Under Add this website to the zone add: [YOUR SHAREPOINT URL] and click Add

Local Intranet Window

7. Make sure the box next to Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone is unchecked and click Close

8. Log into the SharePoint site, enter your credentials (make sure to choose either remember me/store my password/etc.)

Have you discovered other SharePoint tips that make your life easier? Share them below in the comments section! Also, if you need any assistance with SharePoint contact us for a free consultation.


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