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Chicagoland Manufacturers are not Protecting their ERP software from cyber-attacks says new report

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

ERP Software and Cyber Attacks

Businesses today face a constantly evolving set of potential threats, from data security breaches to downtime from unexpected events.

According to the ERP Cybersecurity survey 2017 Report, Crowd Research Partners and ERPScan spoke to more than 1900 cybersecurity experts and found that more than 85% expect to see a jump in attacks focused on Enterprise Resource Planning systems and more than 30% expect to see a significant jump in attacks. Also the report found that many organizations are still not sure as to who is responsible for ERP security.

Because of this businesses are asking questions like:

  • With growing use of the cloud and mobile devices at work, how can we keep business data protected?

  • As my data grows, how can I make sure it is all backed up without spending a fortune?

  • If an unexpected event occurred, like a fire, break-in, or flood, how long would it take our business to get back online? And what would this downtime cost our business?

  • How do we keep up with a constantly changing landscape?

My answer to these questions is....Get modern protection for evolving threats, with solutions that help protect your business data and minimize the disruptions caused by unexpected events. For example With Microsoft, enterprise-grade protection is built into its technologies so you don't have to think about it. It has advanced data protection for solutions that will help you recover quickly from that unexpected event.

Does the thought of having costs added to your budget because of cyber-crime make your head spin? Download this free white paper to stop the dizzyness!

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