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Business Central Apps

Business Central Apps

Solution Systems has developed and continues to develop our own Business Central apps, add-ons and extensions to enhance and extend your system's capabilities and functionalities. 

Business Central Apps

Smart Comments

One of our customer's favorite Business Central Apps. Smart Comments extends the standard Customer Comments, Vendor Comments, and Adding an Item to a Transaction Comments functionality to allow for selected comment records to be displayed as Smart Notifications to the user during creation of documents. 

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Business Central Apps
Business Central Apps

Expense Reports for Business Central

A travel and expense reporting solution that provides the essential functionality for entering and processing expense reports including: Expense Codes, Mileage set-up, Approval Processing, and Expense Report Printing. This extension is full integrated with Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Sales Invoicing, and Jobs, eliminating all manual tracking of expense and all duplicate entry of expense report data.

Business Central Apps

Enhanced Document Set

It's almost as if this were multiple Business Central apps rolled into one. This app includes a full set of sales and purchase documents with improved formatting, comment printing, and lot-serial number printing.  Documents included are Purchase Order, Sales Quote, Sales Order, Sales Shipment, Sales Invoice, Sales Credit Memo.

Business Central Apps
Business Central Apps

Copy Item Utility

This allows a user to quickly set up a new Item by copying an existing Item, and includes the ability to also copy, Certify, and assign a new Production BOM record and a new Production Routing record, also can copy Price records, and calculates a new Standard Cost for the new Item (if Standard Costing used).

Business Central Apps

UPS / FedEx Integration

Integrate your existing UPS Worldship Shipping system or FedEx Shipping Manager system with the Dynamics NAV & Business Central databases. Shop carrier rates while taking a sales order from a customer, and then scan your sales order number in UPS Worldship or FedEX Shipping Manager. You can auto-populate the shipping address and information from your NAV or BC sales order document. When shipments are confirmed in the system, the tracking number, weight price, cost and other data are copied back to the NAV or BC sales order and posted transactions retain the shipping information for real-time "tracking" and historical reporting purposes.

Business Central Apps
Business Central Apps

Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

The CPQ configurator delivers the scalability and flexibility needed to handle virtually any configure, price, quote requirement at a low total cost of ownership. From initial quote through final delivery, the CPQ add-on brings teams together with centralized information and processes that flow effortlessly into your ERP and CRM solutions. Regardless of your industry, your sales product, and project teams balance speed, cost, pricing, and quality. Results? More accuracy, less risk, and stronger profit margins.

Business Central Apps

Shop Floor Data Collection

Leverage Dynamics NAV's or Business Central's web service capability to provide users with the ability to record shop floor labor in real-time to NAV or BC production orders without requiring a full user license. This Microsoft .NET solution also includes related NAV or BC Pages to allow managers to efficiently review and correct labor entries and adjust item quantities related to production activity. 

Business Central Apps

Plant Maintenance

This Add-on addresses the various needs of the engineering and process industry, and at all times keeps the various real time aspects of Plant Maintenance in mind. The Plant Maintenance Add-on stresses on the engineering aspect of plant maintenance activities thereby increasing Manufacturing productivity, improvising cost control, Planning and helping in better decision making.

Business Central Apps

Quality Control

This Add-on helps in maintaining a high-level of product quality by incorporating comprehensive inspection procedures of raw materials, works-in-process, and vendor returns. It tracks defective materials, and suggests returning to vendor or rejection, or reworking. Through its statistical process control tools it measures the production performance and procedures. It also exercises close monitoring of the vendor’s quality and delivery metrics. Such meticulous quality control increases customer satisfaction.

Sales/Purchase History Lines

Sales/Purchase History Lines by Solution Systems extends the Sell-to Customer Sales History Fact Box and The Buy-from Vendor History Fact Box to allow quicker access through auto filtering.   

Drop Ships

A simple way for Drop Ship Sales Lines to run through the normal functionality of the Requisition Worksheet and create a Purchase Order or Orders dependent on the number of vendors.

Purchase Advice Advanced

All the features of the Standard Purchase Advice report plus Time Fence, Assembly Components, and Details.

Advanced Drop Shipment

Allows user to create the Purchase Order for drop shipments directly from the Sales Order.

Follows the standard logic of going through the requisition worksheet.

The default vendor the item will be used unless it is updated on the Sales Line. 

Purchase Advice Advanced

The App is an extension of the Standard Purchase Advice report. This report will take assembly orders into consideration for the supply and demand of an item. The report options has a detailed button to show:

- Outstanding Purchase Orders
- Outstanding Sales Orders
- Production Order Components
- Outstanding Assembly Orders
- Assembly Order Components

The detail line is broken out by each individual order and will show the expected date for the supply/demand.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Extensions

Get your Microsoft Dynamics ERP in gear! 


Are you looking to really tailor your ERP software solution to fit your organization's needs? Take a look at our add-ons guide to see which are the most popular extensions for your ERP system. 

Business Central Apps

More Microsoft Add-ins

Enhance your existing business solution with add-ins. From Jet Reports to Chargelogic, you'll find the right solution to enhance what you already use. 

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