Automotive Manufacturing Software

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the leading on-premise and cloud automotive manufacturing software to best help automotive manufacturers manage their sales and order management, inventory control, financial analysis, business intelligence, pricing, e-commerce and warehouse automation.

Automotive Gears

An ERP software that provides you with the tools you need to meet the challenges your industry faces.

EDI Automotive Manufacturing Software

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to reduce delays in order and sales processing.



Integrated Shipping

Integrate shipping information to the back office

Full Audit Capabilities ERP

Full audit capabilities to track costing details of imported goods and manufactured items

The automotive aftermarket is a fast paced industry that remains highly competitive and constantly changing. Your business needs a software system that can track inventory and orders in real time and can do so quickly with little delay in order to meet your customer's needs. 


Business Central offers your business an automotive manufacturing software platform to achieve real time integration with your sales, ordering and purchasing in order to make decisions faster and smarter. 

Business Central Benefits for the Automotive Manufacturing Industry

AAIA Compliance

Be compliant with AAIA (Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association) standards with EDI, XML for product information exchange, and internet parts ordering.


Enhanced inventory management to increase parts sales and margins and make smarter, faster inventory decisions.

supply chain monitoring

Boost sales and productivity with supply chain monitoring.

ERP Shipping Integration

Shipping integration with UPS, FedEx and other carriers.

Automotive Manufacturing ERP Software

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Automotive Manufacturing ERP Software

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Automotive Manufacturing ERP Software

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