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Reference Program About

Everyone in business knows that time is money. At Solution Systems, we recognize the value of our clients' time and we are willing to pay for it! With our Reference Program any client that spends time with our future clients can choose between a $100 gift card or a credit for one hour of professional services on your account. 


In an effort to distinguish one software company from another, prospective clients often ask to meet with some of our current customers. Our Reference Program allows the prospect to see our systems in action and to talk with people who  have been using it successfully.


Most times a phone conversation from us with the prospect can provide the additional information needed, but some may prefer to hear first-hand reports about us rather than technical answers from us. In some cases an on-site visit would allow them to see the working system and speak with the daily users. The working systems and testimonials of our clients are the most powerful marketing tool we have.


As a participant in our Reference Program, you are awarded for the time spent with a prospect regardless of whether or not they become a client. 


To become a part of our program, simply click the Sign Up Here button, fill out the form and click submit. You will then be sent an email confirming your participation in our Reference Program and included in the email will be a password and a link to our Reference Program Customer Log Portal.

Microsoft Dynamics Reference Program
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