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Dynamics 365 is as dominant as the 1985 Bears defense

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Who were the 1985 Chicago Bears Defensive team, what is Microsoft Dynamics 365, and how did they become such dominate forces?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and the Chicago Bears

Dynamics 365 and the 1985 Bears Explained

The 1985 Chicago Bears Defensive team is without a doubt the most dominant defensive force the NFL has ever seen. The 46 Defense was created in 1978 by the Bears’ defense coordinator Buddy Ryan, and for the following 7 years wreaked havoc on their competition and culminated with a Super Bowl win in January of 1986.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is without a doubt the most forward-thinking business management suite of applications ever seen. Dynamics 365 was introduced in 2016 by Microsoft and it has been reinventing the enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) fields ever since.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365? Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a suite of Business Management Applications used to operate and gain an end-to-end view of your business. Applications included are Business Central, Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Talent, Finance and Operations, Retail, Project Service Automation, Marketing, Artificial Intelligence, and Mixed Reality.

Qualities shared between the 1985 Chicago Bears Defense and Microsoft Dynamics 365

When speaking of two things striving for perfection some qualities achieved are most certainly shared. In the cases of the 85 Bears and Dynamics 365, right off the bat we can see that preparation, execution, and the ability to adapt are shared qualities. The 85 Bears put in many hours of practice, weight training, and film study to be able to sustain the physical and mental abuse seen in an expected 19 game season.

However, preparation is not enough to chase perfection without execution. The 85 Bears executed the game plan on game day so well it led to the almost perfect regular season record of 15-1. So how did they end up with one loss if they were so well prepared and executed almost perfectly? Even with great preparation and execution it may still not be enough and you may still find yourself behind in the score and now need to adapt to the situation, which the Bears did better than anyone else that season except for 1 game.

The same is true for Dynamics 365. The creators at Microsoft put in hours upon hours of planning and development to create applications that can handle all business needs. You need an ERP and Dynamics 365 has Business Central, you need a CRM tool and Dynamics 365 has Sales. Just as with the 85 Bears all this preparation means nothing if there is no execution. Dynamics 365 applications execute and we know this because of the growth rate seen in applications. For example, Microsoft reports that Dynamics 365 Business Central, its SMB ERP solution for both cloud and on-premise, is growing at a triple digit rate.

However, just because Dynamics 365 applications are prepared for most real-world business scenarios does not mean it’s prepared for all real-world business scenarios. The mark of a truly good software application is its ability to adapt to pressing needs. Microsoft knew this and thus created AppSource to help businesses find the correct software extension needed to adapt to any given scenario.

Which Statistical Categories did the 85 Bears lead in and which categories does Microsoft Dynamics 365 currently lead in?

The 1985 Chicago Bears were leaders in the following categories for the 1985 season:

  • Points Allowed

  • Yards

  • Rush Yards

  • 1st Downs

  • Rush Touchdowns

  • Interceptions

  • Takeaways

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is currently leaders in the following categories and still trending upward:


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