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5 Really Good Free Apps for Business Central

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

On Microsoft AppSource there's a lot of great apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Some of these apps offer a free trial before your purchase and others are completely free. What's better than hearing the magic word free? Getting something for free. With that, here's 5 apps that you can get right now for Business Central that are completely free and work flawlessly.

Cinema Ticket

5 free Business Central apps that work.

Should be called Faveo Customer Duplicate Check as it only works with your customer database. Works well in finding duplicate customer entries and when a duplicate entry is a 100% match it will merge the files together.

A quick way to accept payment from customers. It embeds easily on on an invoice and provides such benefits as receiving payment within your bank account quicker than competitors.

This app enables you to see such things as who created a purchase or sales order and historical data for your customers and vendors.

Quickly search for Items when creating a Sales Order based on Item Descriptions without having to set annoying filters.

This app utilizes the UPS Web Service to validate the entered address.

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