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Mike Behymer, Accountant, The TDJ Group

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

I hope all is well! I spoke to your referral the other week, made sure to tell him what a great job you all do over there.

On that topic, I wanted to send a quick note letting you know what an awesome job Dori and Steven are doing for us. They are experts on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft Power BI and have been a pleasure to work with. There were numerous tasks that our current partner couldn’t do, didn’t know an answer for, or lied to us about and Dori and Steven have been more than willing to get “in the trenches” so to speak and help us get things under control.

We are feeling like we are in a MUCH better spot than we were before switching over to Solution Systems; it’s nice to work with subject experts instead of the folks who couldn’t even tell us how to set up security or provide Power BI training. So thanks to all for your hard work so far, we are very appreciative.

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