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How to Receive Multiple Shipments Against a Purchase Order and Track Costs

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Question: How can I handle multiple shipments from a vendor for a single Purchase Order in Dynamics NAV (or Dynamics 365 for Financials), and how do I track the total dollar amount of each receipt?

Answer: Start by adding the Qty. to Receive, Quantity Received, Qty. to Invoice,

and Quantity Invoiced columns visible in the Lines FastTab/section of the Purchase Order. You can do this by right clicking one of the column headers under Lines, and clicking on Choose Columns.

When you are about to receive a partial shipment from a vendor, overwrite the value in the Qty. to Receive field. This field should be showing the same value as what you see in the Quantity field, assuming you have not yet received any goods (if you are using NAV, depending on your Purchase & Payables Setup, the Qty. to Receive field may also be be 0 by default). Also look at the vendor’s quote / shipping document / packing slip to ensure that you have the right $ amount per unit in the Direct Unit Cost Excl. Tax field.

You can click on Statistics in the ribbon, and under the Shipping and Invoicing sections, it will show you the $ amounts for what you are about to receive. When you Post > Receive, it will receive those goods into inventory. If you also got a partial invoice with the vendor’s shipment, choose Post > Receive and Invoice. By default, before posting, the Qty. to Invoice field will have the same value as what you have in Qty. to Receive field.

Notice the Quantity Received field will now show how much has been received (you cannot manually enter a value in this field). Also, notice the Qty. to Receive field will now show the remaining / outstanding quantity that you are waiting on.

When you receive the remaining shipment(s), repeat the process with the correct Qty. to Receive values. If the invoice arrives at the end after all shipments are received, enter the Invoice no. in the Vendor Invoice No. field in the header, click Post > Invoice, and it will book the invoice to the General Ledger and Vendor Ledger and close out the Purchase Order.

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