Manage Your Business with D365 for Financials from a Mobile Device

How to Quickly Respond to a Customer

Today, in a world that continues to rely on cloud and mobile solutions, Microsoft provides organizations with solutions to support their business demands. In fact, of the small and medium sized businesses recently polled 80% had shown that they rely heavily on mobile devices.

Dynamics 365 for Financials compliments all these experiences and offers users parity regardless of device-whether on a mobile device, a tablet or a PC. What makes Dynamics 365 for Financials unique, there are no compromises with the mobile experience. Essentially you can run your business from any platform.

As mobile apps matured, often times the mobile experience is compromised and doesn't provide the same experience whereas Dynamics 365 for Financials supports all experiences equally.

No other vendor offers this level of parity or parallel experience regardless of how they access their data. You can run your business from a mobile device.

Step 2: Create a New Customer

Templates enables users to quickly setup new customers and the default properties are automatically assigned to the new customer (or vendor)

Entering data from a mobile device is simple and easy. The customer number is auto-populated by default and the user simply adds the Customer Name.

Step 3: Create a New Sales Invoice

Dynamics 365 for Financials will recognize the name and complete the full name and help reduce data entry keystrokes.

Select the new customer you created or choose an existing customer such as the Cannon Group...


Entering items and/or services from Inventory through lookup, the ellipses or directly entering the item(s).

Similar to searching on customers, any portion of the item or service - such as "Antwerp" - the application auto-complete for the user.

Dynamics 365 for Financials recognizes the name and completes the full name and reduces data entry, reduces key strokes.


Enter the quantity for the invoice.

To complete the transaction, select Post and Send

Step 4: Send the invoice from the device.

The final step in this process is to send the invoice to the customer.

The PDF file can be sent via a myriad of options available from our mobile device.

Today, all businesses can benefit from a mobile, cloud solution. It is an essential way to help businesses row and be agile as opportunities arise and reduce the friction often present when productivity solutions and back off systems try to connect. With Dynamics 365 for Financials the mobile experience allows companies to manage customers, vendors and inventory regardless of device - whether on a mobile device, a tablet and a PC. Essentially you can run a business from any platform.

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