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Top 3 Websites for Creating Business Cards

Technology has taken a firm grasp of paper products over the last decade. Gone are the days when a Rolodex was within an organization for quick lookup of a contact. Everything is stored and accessed digitally today but one small paper product has stood the test of time, the business card.

Business cards are great to have ready for an impromptu meeting when both parties are pressed for time or for a networking event when you will be meeting and greeting a large group of people.

Below is our opinion of the best three websites for designing and ordering your business cards.

With their strategy to offer up to 250 business cards for free and to have their prices starting at $1.99, Vistaprint is likely to be the most recognized business card website out of the three we are going to show you. You can shop by paper quality (standard, signature, ultra thick), specialty card (raised print, spot gloss, metallic finish), by industry, or work or play. Business cards can be full-color and double-sided if chosen.

Pricing: Prices are some of the most affordable you will find anywhere for business card creation.

Jukebox has gained notoriety through offering multiple types of materials used to create business cards. You can shop by standard business cards (same day or wait and save) recycled business cards (white recycled, kraft business, pulp business), specialty business cards (wooden, colored, gold, square, grey, sparkle, silk, 24pt, bamboo, cork, cotton, embossed, foil, letterpress, pearl, 2-ply, layered, shaped, spot, premium).

Pricing: Not as competitive as the others but you get what you pay for.

3. Moo

Moo earned it's stripes so to speak by being an avid social media advertiser with deals to get free business cards. You can shop by paper (original, super, luxe) or by shape (standard, moo, square, mini). What sets Moo apart from the others is their ability to offer non standardized looking business cards. Moo cards can have rounded corners or even be created on a vertical template.

Pricing: 50 cards for $19.99, so unless you're looking to give your "coolness" factor a bump Moo may not be for you.

Honorable Mentions: GotPrint, and PSPrint

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