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Dynamics 365 for Financials - The SMB Business Owner

One of the challenges, priorities of any business owner is cash management. How to monitor cash and ensure it's positive? "Do we have cash to stay in business?"

The movement of money into or out of your company. You can select to view future revenue and expenses not yet registered.

Estimate the amount of money you expect to flow in and out of your business.

Users can drill down into the data for additional details.

Directly available on the home page are the key financial reports.

Why is this important? Within two clicks, owners and stakeholders can quickly and easily gain access to the information they need immediately and be able to see inflows and other outflows of cash and determine how other decisions impact cash.

During discovery you learn the Statement of Cash is paramount to the owner, return to the report and schedule for quicker access in the future. Reports can easily be scheduled to generate at any frequency and will display on the homepage under Report Inbox.

Closing - Key, favorite reports available to customers immediately can be scheduled to recur and display on the homepage.

Opening - Tracking monthly sales is a report readily on display for the owner who sees the cue/tile and highlighted in green and is considered "favorable" by this company.

Quick Tip - This report is available direct from the homepage or accessible via global search window and type "Sales This Month"

The list displays current results. As with any page in Dynamics 365 for Financials, every page, list or report can be exported to Microsoft Excel for additional analysis.

In many organizations providing users a seamless way to export data to Microsoft Excel enables users to more easily view and analyze their data.

Why is this important? You can leverage the experience and knowledge of Microsoft Office to modify the reporting and analysis.

Collaborating with the remote sales team is essential. Since this view of the data is complete the owner saves the file to a SharePoint folder.

Identifying trends can be timely, frustrating and laborious process that requires data manipulation and intimacy of the underlying data. In many companies this manual process often times heavily relies on Excel and export to Excel. And then analysis is subjective.

Power BI presents data via the cloud in a format that is easy to read, easy to personalize and more importantly, easy to gain insights into the data.

Rich data from virtually any data source can be fed into the company dashboard. The data connection, developed by Microsoft, allows data from Dynamics 365 for Financials to display. Capabilities such as Q&A (type in any question), drill into the details and share with others inside or outside the organization provides a rich experience for any organization.

Chasing down clients for outstanding balances is the least rewarding task for a SMB Owner. Yet, their relationship with the client can often convince the customer to make payment a priority.

Search enables users to quickly locate the information they need to perform key tasks and achieve their goals.

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