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How to Add a New Contact to an Existing Customer in Dynamics 365 for Financials - Project Madeira


0:07 in this video we're going to walk through the process of adding a new

0:15 contact to an existing customer in this example we've just received a call from

0:24 mindy Martin at our existing customer the cannon group if i click on the

0:30 cannon group customer and select the contact button from the ribbon we see

0:37 that the we currently only have one contact define for the canon group and

0:42 eat eel

0:42 so I need to create a new contact for Mindy Martin i'll select the new button

0:50 and in this case i will type in the name of the person to be created

0:59 I'll select the type of person and then use the assist button here to find the

1:09 existing company that I'd like to associate

1:13 Mindy - in this case Mindy is associated with the cannon group the full address

1:20 and related information for the canon group is copied from the customer card

1:24 into Mindy's new contact card in this case I simply need to replace the email

1:30 address

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