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Adding a New Contact to a Customer in Dynamics 365 for Financials - Project Madeira


0:02 in this session we're going to walk through the process of adding a new

0:15 contact to an existing customer from the home page

0:22 i'm going to click on customers we have a new contact that are existing customer

0:27 the cannon group so to add that new contact

0:31 i'm going to click on the cannon group and select edit from the customer card

0:37 up on the ribbon

0:39 I have a button called contact if i go ahead and click on that

0:44 I'll see a list of contacts currently associated with the cannon group the

0:50 first line which is in bold is the company contact

0:55 so there's a company contact for each customer below that I see a list of

1:02 person type contacts that are associated with the cannon group in this example we

1:08 have a new contact paul jones who we need to associate with canon group

1:14 directly from this list right here on the top

1:18 I have a new button so I'm just going to create a new entry

1:22 i'm going to type in the contacts name using the drop-down i'll select that

1:29 this is a person and then in the company field I'm just going to start typing in

1:35 the company's name

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