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Analyzing Vendor Activity in Dynamics 365 for Financials - Project Madeira

Updated: Jun 11


0:02 in this session we're going to review the process of reviewing vendor activity

0:18 from the home page

0:21 i'm going to click on vendors in this example we'd like to review the activity

0:26 taking place on our existing vendor Lewis home furnish furniture immediately

0:33 directly from the vendor list

0:35 I see a balance column balance shows me the outstanding balance that we owe to

0:41 this vendor in this case for Louis home furniture

0:44 it's 7,000 341 dollars and thirty four cents if I hover my cursor over the

0:50 balance field you see that a line appears underneath that amount that

0:56 indicates to me that this is a drillable field meaning i can click on this number

1:01 and drill down to the individual specific information that makes up this

1:05 amount this class i'll go ahead and click on that balance

1:08 I see that that balance is made up of three invoices in this case and if i

1:14 drag over my cursor over here i can see the remaining amounts for these three

1:20 entries and indeed it is the sum of the remaining amounts that will total my

1:26 balance on my vendor list so that's an easy way to view the outstanding balance

1:34 for a vendor

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