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Project Madeira August Update

From Project Madeira at Microsoft

Project Madeira has been updated

Today we have made a new update of Project “Madeira” available for you, with additional capabilities and new extensions.

Smart notifications give you advice and recommendations Smart notifications now display in the context of the business process you are completing. For example, when you create a sales invoice for a customer who has an overdue balance you will be notified if they exceed their credit limit. You will also be notified if you try to sell more items that you have in your inventory. Learn more about Smart Notifications.

Introducing the new Sales and Inventory Forecast extension The new Sales and Inventory Forecast extension gives you insights into potential sales and expected stock-outs. The extension uses Azure Machine Learning capabilities to predict future sales based on your sales history to help you avoid inventory shortages. For more information, see Sales and Inventory Forecast for Project "Madeira".

Other sales and purchasing improvements We've made other important improvements within the sales and purchasing capabilities.

• Cancel posted credit memos You can now cancel posted sales and purchase credit memos in the same way that you can for posted sales and purchase invoices. Project "Madeira" then unapplies the credit memo from the invoice and creates a new invoice that is applied to the credit memo. This brings you back to where you started before you created the credit memo.

• Package Tracking No. and Shipping Agent Code on sales invoices Posted sales invoices now show the package tracking number and the shipping agent code by default.

• Cross reference item numbers You can set up cross reference information on items for customers and vendors and then use the reference information when your work with sales and purchase transactions. Also, you can view the cross reference information on posted transactions and Word reports.

• Item substitution You can now set up one-to-many item substitutes and choose a substitute item to replace the original item as needed in your sales orders.

What's next? We'll continue to update Project "Madeira" at regular intervals. If you missed previous updates you can view a complete list here.

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