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Adjusting the On-hand Inventory Control in Dynamics 365 for Financials - Project Madeira


0:02 in this session we're going to walk through the process of adjusting the on

0:18 hand quantity for an inventory item to start this process

0:23 i'm going to click on items this will display for me a listing of all items in

0:30 the system

0:31 in this example we need to revise the on hand quantity of our aunt or conference

0:38 table from ten down to nine

0:43 so in this case i'll click on the item and from the item record i have a field

0:51 called quantity on hand

0:53 this field is grayed out it's not directly editable but i do have a button

0:59 next to my quantity if I so click on the button

1:04 this allows me to adjust the on-hand inventory for this item in this case

1:10 we're going to set 9 as the new inventory level and click OK the system

1:19 immediately

1:20 posts that change and now I have nine reflected as my own hand quantity to

1:27 review the detailed entry that was created

1:32 i can click up onto the ledger entries button and this will

1:36 this view shows me a history of transactions that have been posted for

1:40 this item

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