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How to Setup New Accounting Periods in Dynamics 365 for Financials - Project Madeira


0:07 in this video we're going to review the process of creating new accounting

0:17 periods from the home menu

0:21 we're going to select company settings from company settings select general

0:29 ledger setup and now on the ribbon

0:33 you see it at an option for accessing the accounting periods

0:37 here is a list of existing accounting periods that have been set up in the

0:44 system

0:45 you'll see a new fiscal year check box to indicate the starting date of the new

0:52 fiscal year

0:53 currently periods through the end of december 2016 have been created

1:03 there are two ways to create accounting periods

1:06 the first is to manually insert a new row and type in the starting date of the

1:13 next accounting period

1:16 this method would be required if non-standardized accounting periods were

1:21 used for example where the starting date of each period began on a unique or

1:27 different date if calendar months are used however you can use a function at

1:33 the top called create year when i select create year the system will suggest for

1:39 me

1:39 the starting date of the next available . the number of periods in the year and

1:46 the length of each . in this case 1 M is one month i'll select ok and the system

1:54 now creates all my periods in this case for 2017

1:59 if I'd like to also create my new periods for 2018

2:05 yeah

2:12 yeah

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