• Michael Intravartolo

Project Madeira - Import Data

Hi All,

As we all are testing Project Madeira, this seems to be a requirement which will be asked by every customer whom we plan to sell the solution.

How do I import my business data into Project Madeira?

In this article we will see how simple it is to migrate Business Data in Project Madeira. For Demo I am importing data from the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 US Release.

**If you are testing the same, i would suggest to use the US release only as other setups will be part of the US Database.

So let's login to Project Madeira and from the action pane select Assisted Setup and Tasks.

From the Assisted Setup window select Migrate Business Data

This will open the data migration Window. Select Next in the Welcome window as shown below

Next window allows you to select the Data Source from where you want to import data. The available options as of now are:

- Import from Excel

- Import from QuickBooks (IIF)

For the Demo I will select Import from Excel

Click Next and download the template for importing data.

The Excel File with Three Sheets: Customers, Vendors and Items will be downloaded to your system. Key in the data that you need to import in Project Madeira and select Next as shown in above screen

Choose the File from next window where you have updated the Masters.

System will confirm you the Master Count as show in above screen, before applying data in Project Madeira

Once you hit Next, System will start applying package in the Project Madeira

Once completed, system will confirm you the status of update. There are few records which were not imported due to secondary master was not available.

You can check the details after clicking OK in above screen.

Once you imported you can see the new masters in the system as shown below.

Hope this helps.

Stay tuned, yet more to come.


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