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Zero in, win faster and sell more

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

FYI: Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been rebranded and reimagined into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales.

Sell more with Dynamics 365 Sales

It’s a shocking statistic. The typical salesperson is spending about 22% of their time actually selling. Whether they are hamstrung by inefficient processes, left out of the conversation initiated by marketing, or simply distracted by time-sucking administrative tasks, sales reps aren’t spending enough time selling.

Productivity matters more than ever

Since buyers do their own research before they even engage, salespeople have less time to work the deal. Which means that sales productivity matters now more than ever.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft’s collaboration tools, reps can engage customers in meaningful ways by:

  • Zeroing in and focusing time spent on the most promising leads.

  • Creating personal, targeted experiences that help accelerate the sales cycle across devices from almost any location.

  • Working like a network by bringing together the right people, wherever they are, to take advantage of the collective intelligence of the experts in your organization.

With the Microsoft solution for sales productivity, salespeople can go to one place for all of their tasks, like viewing sales leads, researching companies, finding social connections, communicating with prospects, reviewing sales insights, and creating sales proposals. Eliminate the endless searching and streamline the inefficient processes to let your salespeople spend more time closing.

The connected sales force

A sales productivity solution from Microsoft empowers your sales force to manage selling processes across devices, channels, locations, and departments—driving higher productivity, more targeted sales, and faster close rates. Sales reps can zero in and focus on the most impactful activities. Social and team selling make every customer conversation more relevant, valuable, and productive. Real-time sales analytics provide better insight, understanding, and pipeline confidence.

Sales productivity promotion: The combination of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Office 365, and Power BI is now available at $65/user/month for new customers and $45/user/month for existing Office 365 customers. Click here for details.

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