• Michael Intravartolo

15 Top Features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM You May Not Know

What the heck is CRM? In its simplest form, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools enable you to centrally track all your business interactions with your customers providing insight and adding value to your ongoing relationship with them and the sales and service experiences you deliver.. Well what is Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online I hear you cry? Let us enlighten you…This cloud-based, easy to use business solution, lets businesses of all sizes manage their customer relationships, anywhere, anytime.

Interested? Read on to discover the top 15 features that help you get the most out of Dynamics CRM Online!

1. Complete 360 customer view – Capture a complete profile of your customer from first interaction through to post sale. Record customer data, understand their interests and preferences, then target them with marketing communications accordingly.

2. Omni Channel – Or Multi Channel as it’s commonly known, allows you to communicate with your customers across a range of channels whether it be online, social media, Skype or email.

3. Quick Create – Capture vital customer information without interrupting the conversation with your customer. Create contacts, accounts, tasks and activities then and there so you can save time and have the right information in your database at all times.

4. Outlook Integration – Create leads and contacts straight from your email. Tag related email conversations to easily transfer the vital information and customer data into your CRM database.

5. Appointment/Meeting Management – Schedule and manage meetings with your customers in Outlook and have these tracked in CRM to get a complete view of customer activity.

6. Click to Call – Dynamics CRM is fully integrated with Skype for Business (previously Lync) allowing you to have real time conversations with your clients, even face to face, all from within your CRM application.

7. Click to Email – It’s easy to send emails straight from Dynamics CRM - just click on the customer details and it will open up a new email to the customer.

8. Create Marketing Lists - Quickly create marketing lists from sales and service information which marketing can use to target, and manage communications with your customers.

9. Business Process Flow – See every stage in your sales process, what steps have been completed, and what you need to do to progress the deal.

10. Export to Excel – Transfer customer records from your CRM database to Excel quickly and easily to allow for deeper analytics.

11. Customer Data on Any Device – The CRM Mobile app provides a consistent experience across PC, phone, and tablet, letting you update activities, contacts, and opportunities and get real-time insight on the metrics that you need wherever you are.

12. Document Collaboration – Attach documents, notes and images to your customer records. Automatically create shared workspaces where you can co-edit documents in real time.

13. Integrated with Office365 - See all documents you’re working on and seamlessly jump straight into editing them with Word / Excel / PowerPoint / OneNote online.

14. Dashboards, Charts and Views – Easy to use data dashboards to help you keep up-to-date with the health of your business, in an easy to consume and visual way.

15. Social Media Engagement – Hear what your customers are saying about you or your competitors, see the sentiment whether it is positive or negative, and understand what matters to them.


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