Top 10 New Features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

Organizations using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online will have the opportunity to implement Update 1 this spring! This update is also known as part of the Spring Wave or code name "Carina" from Microsoft. Although the release date hasn't been announced yet, the update contains more functionality that allows organizations to leverage out-of-the-box (OOB) features. Unlike typical Top 10 lists, the following is not in an order of preference because Microsoft Dynamics CRM is so flexible and has so much to offer it would be impossible for us to prioritize. Overall we are super excited about the changes to the User Interface in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2015 Update 1.

1 Themes

You can now brand your CRM! Themes offer the option of changing the default colors and adding your logo to the top navigation as pictured below. This is just one more way to customize CRM to match the uniqueness of your organization.

4-2-15 I.png

2. Main Menu Navigation

The Navigation in CRM will look familiar to any Microsoft Dynamics Marketing (MDM) users. The home icon has been replaced with a main menu option and less horizontal scrolling. Find what you need faster.

4-2-15 II.png

3. Recently Viewed or Pinned items

A recently viewed icon has also been added to the top navigation bar enabling you to quickly find your most recently viewed or pinned items throughout CRM.

4-2-15 III.png

4. OneNote Integration

Users can now easily capture meeting details using OneNote from within CRM Online. This functionality allows the information to be available to other CRM Online users in the Social Pane. (See: Enable OneNote integration)

4-2-15 IV.png

4-2-15 V.png

5. Advanced Find Adds Older Than Option

You have to see it to believe it! The use cases for this option are endless and empowers users to access the information they need more efficiently.

4-2-15 VI.png

6. Export to Excel Redesign

In addition to replacing the wizard with a single click to download feature (as if that was not fabulous enough), the record limitation for both import and export has been increased to 100,000 records of 32MB! Yes you read that correctly, this increased from 10,000 to 100,000 records!

4-2-15 VII.png

7. Immersive Excel

Users on the go will love this functionality. When starting from a view, selecting Export to Excel and then Open in Excel Online you can quickly analyze or edit data in Excel Online.

4-2-15 VIII.png

8. Folder-level Email Tracking

Exchange email users can establish a tracking folder so incoming emails can simple be dropped into the folder (manually or by leveraging Exchange Inbox rules) and automatically tracked in CRM. Note this requires server-side synchronization.

9. Mobile on Smartphones

Windows Phone users can now use Cortana voice commands (yes, this means hands-free) and access CRM data! Additionally, the phone app has been enhanced to provide the same mobile experience as CRM for tablets. (See: CRM for tablets and phones).

10. System Administrator and Customizer Platform Improvements

  • New functions on calculated fields: Now() and DateDiff will be available.

  • Business rules: can now be set to null or removed

  • A date only field is now available

  • Create system rules that will automatically create or update a record based upon an incoming activity (such as an email).

Happy CRM'ing!


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