Highlights of Dynamics CRM 2015

Dynamics CRM 2015 is here! In December 2014 Microsoft released the latest nad greatest version of CRM. It builds on the already excellent features of Dynamics CRM 2013 to give an even better user experience.

Below is a quick list of our favorite new features. Please note, this list is by no means exhaustive:

1. Improved Business Process Flows

2-26-15 I.jpg

Business process flows now allow branching, where a flow can split depending on the particulars of the situation. So, if an opportunity meets certain criteria, it could go down one branch, and if it meets other criteria it could go down a different branch. Huge potential here.

2. Improved Business Rules

2-26-15 II.jpg

Business rules can now contain if/then logic, making them even more powerful and further removing the need for JavaScript. This is putting even more power back into the hands of the system administrators and customizers and out of the hands of the developers thus keeping costs down and agility up!

3. Multi Entity Search

2-26-15 III.jpg

4. Advanced Find Relocation

2-26-15 IV.jpg

5. Security Improvements

2-26-15 V.jpg

Security is very powerful in Dynamics CRM. But with great power there is the potential for great complexity. Security has been enhanced to allow Dynamics CRM to model the hierarchy of your organization, and then optionally give managers access to the recordds for their direct reports. This is a really intuitive addition to the security model, and has huge potential for those organizations with clear divisional lines. System administrators are going to love this.

6. Calculated and Rollup Fields

3-4-15 I.jpg

My personal favorite. Calculated fields let you set up fields on a form which calculate based on other fields. Want to calculate a discount on an opportunity if a client falls into a specific category? No problem! Rollup fields give the power to aggregate fields from child records up to a parent. Want to know how many contacts you have for each of your accounts? Easy! How about the total high priority cases under an account? You guessed it, easy! When combined with other features in CRM such as business rules, the power of this new feature is huge. What used to require develop mentor a third party solution can now be configured by system administrators and customers. This is a huge step forward.

7. Hierarchy Visualization

03-4-15 II.jpg

Some of your clients may have complex structures and hierarchies. Want to present that in Dynamics CRM? No problem. The hierarchy view meets all your needs by presenting a graphical view of our customers. Hierarchy views can also be used on other entities in CRM such as Cases, Products and Security.

8. Customizable Help

If you've customized Dynamics CRM and are worried that the standard help function won't cut it anymore, try customizable help. How far you take this is up to you. You can throw away the standard help completely, or just use the parts relevant to you and customize the rest. This can really benefit users and help user adoption.

9. Product Catalog Improvements

3-4-15 III.jpg

The product catalog has many additons such as product families, bundles, up-sell, cross sell and substitutes, giving even more power to your sales team, and anything that helps sales must be good.

Taken together, these new features (which represent only a subset of everything new in 2015) make the new version of Dynamics CRM even more attractive than ever.


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