• Michael Intravartolo

"NAV 2013 Application Test Toolset" used in NAV 2013 R2

In a forum thread a user asked for a code coverage tool. Microsoft has developed the Nav 2013 Application Test Toolset, but did not deliver a version for Nav 2013 r2 or Nav 2015. It’s possible to import this Toolset in Nav 2013 r2, but … it does not work. There are some ugly error messages, when running. So i analysed the nav objects of the toolset and made the needed changes. When testing the toolset, especially the code coverage tool, i noticed, that many of the test codeunits are unnecessarily called during execution. So error after error occured. The reasons for the error messages seem partly conversion issues, version problems, changes in standard objects and bugs.

The list of codeunits, which need changes:

130002 Code Coverage Mgt 131301 Library – ERM Unapply 134012 ERM Reminder Apply Unapply 134386 ERM Sales Documents II 134976 ERM Sales Report 134984 ERM Sales Report III 136601 Config. Templates 136606 Config. Wizard & Worksheet 137065 SCM Reservation II 137067 SCM Plan-Req. Wksht 137400 SCM Inventory – Orders 137925 Test Assembly Reservation

Because, i assume, it would be a copyright violation, i do not publish the changed objects. So i describe the needed changes.

130002 Code Coverage Mgt

This CU uses a global variable Timer with (old) subtype “Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Timer, Version=″. Replace the subtype by “Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Timer, Version=″, which is shipped with Nav 2013 r2. Before you replace the subtype copy the code of the triggers Timer::Elapsed and Timer::ExceptionOccurred to an external text editor. After replacing the subtype copy the code back to the triggers.

131301 Library – ERM Unapply

Function UnapplyCustomerLedgerEntry(CustLedgerEntry : Record “Cust. Ledger Entry”): replace GenJnlPostLine.UnapplyVendLedgEntry(GenJournalLine,DetailedCustLedgEntry); with GenJnlPostLine.UnapplyCustLedgEntry(GenJournalLine,DetailedCustLedgEntry);

134012 ERM Reminder Apply Unapply

Function CreateReminder(DocumentNo : Code[20];CustomerNo : Code[20]) replace ReminderMake.Set(Customer,CustLedgerEntry,ReminderHeader,FALSE,FALSE); with // function interface (parameter list) was changed between the nav versions ReminderMake.Set(Customer,CustLedgerEntry,ReminderHeader,FALSE,FALSE,CustLedgerEntry);

134386 ERM Sales Documents II

Function VerifyNavigateEntry(ExtDocNo : Code[20]) replace Navigate.FindByItemReference.SETVALUE(ExtDocNo); with Navigate.ExtDocNo.SETVALUE(ExtDocNo);

134976 ERM Sales Report

Function SaveStatementReport(CustomerNo : Code[20];PostingDate : Date;PrintOverdueEntries : Boolean;PrintReversedEntries : Boolean;PrintUnappliedEntries : Boolean;IncludeAgingBand : Boolean;PeriodLength : DateFormula) replace Statement.InitializeRequest( PrintOverdueEntries,TRUE,FALSE,PrintReversedEntries,PrintUnappliedEntries,IncludeAgingBand, FORMAT(PeriodLength),DateChoice::”Posting Date”,FALSE); with Statement.InitializeRequest( PrintOverdueEntries,TRUE,FALSE,PrintReversedEntries,PrintUnappliedEntries,IncludeAgingBand, FORMAT(PeriodLength),DateChoice::”Posting Date”,FALSE, DMY2DATE(1,1,DATE2DMY(PostingDate,3)),DMY2DATE(31,12,DATE2DMY(CALCDATE(‘<1Y>’,PostingDate),3)));

134984 ERM Sales Report III

Function [Test] CustomerStatementReportWithGenLines() replace Statement.InitializeRequest( FALSE,FALSE,TRUE,FALSE,FALSE,FALSE,'<‘ + FORMAT(RandomNumberGenerator.RandInt(5)) + ‘M>’,DateChoice::”Due Date”,TRUE); with Statement.InitializeRequest( FALSE,FALSE,TRUE,FALSE,FALSE,FALSE,'<‘ + FORMAT(RandomNumberGenerator.RandInt(5)) + ‘M>’,DateChoice::”Due Date”,TRUE, WORKDATE,WORKDATE);

Function SaveCustomerBalanceToDate(No : Code[20];AmountInLCY : Boolean;UnappliedEntries : Boolean) replace CustomerBalanceToDate.InitializeRequest(AmountInLCY,FALSE,UnappliedEntries); with CustomerBalanceToDate.InitializeRequest(AmountInLCY,FALSE,UnappliedEntries,WORKDATE);

136601 Config. Templates

Function [Test] ValidateFieldWithTrigger_SkipValidationFalse_TriggerError() replace ASSERTERROR ConfigValidateManagement.ValidateFieldValue(RecRef,FieldRef,FORMAT(Item.”Costing Method”::Standard),FALSE); with ASSERTERROR ConfigValidateManagement.ValidateFieldValue(RecRef,FieldRef,FORMAT(Item.”Costing Method”::Standard),FALSE,0);

Function [Test] ValidateFieldWithTrigger_SkipValidationTrue_NoErrors() replace ConfigValidateManagement.ValidateFieldValue(RecRef,FieldRef,FORMAT(Item.”Costing Method”::Standard),TRUE); with ConfigValidateManagement.ValidateFieldValue(RecRef,FieldRef,FORMAT(Item.”Costing Method”::Standard),TRUE,0);

136606 Config. Wizard & Worksheet

Function [Test] VerifyImportPackage() replace ConfigSetup.ImportPackage; with ConfigSetup.ImportPackage(ConfigSetup.”Package File Name”);

137065 SCM Reservation II

Function [Test] ReleasedProdOrderComponentsPageWithLocation() replace ReleasedProductionOrder.Components.INVOKE; with ReleasedProductionOrder.ProdOrderLines.Action1901991404.INVOKE;




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