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CRM Outlook Profile & CRM Online Trials

Editor's note: The following post was written by Dynamics CRM MVP Donna Edwards

I frequently setup Microsoft Dynamics CRM online trials for various reasons; training, demos, development, etc. I often want to use CRM outlook client with the trials but do not want to use my Outlook work profile with the trial accounts.

There are serveral strategies available

There are several strategies available for using an alternate Outlook profile for a Dynamics CRM Online trial.  One of the easiest I’ve found is to create an Outlook profile and configure Outlook to prompt for the profile you would like to use when starting Outlook.  Here’s the steps to create an alternative Outlook profile in Outlook 2013 and install the CRM Outlook client to that profile.

This post assumes you have familiarity with and access to the Windows Control Panel and Mail features and you created an Office 365 and CRM Online trial account.  You need an Office 365 trial account because you need Exchange Online to configure the email account in Outlook.

Open Mail from the control panel

Select the Show Profiles button from the Profiles option

Select the Add button

Type a Profile Name and select OK

Select Ok and Add Account dialog window will open

After completing the fields and adding your email address to your Online account, select Next and Outlook will begin configuring the email account.

Select the Finish button to complete the process

Important, after adding the email account, install the CRM Outlook Client. If you have the Outlook Client already installed then I reccommend uninstalling it before opening Outlook to ensure the CRM Outlook add-in gets associated to the new email account.

You can now open Outlook. You will be prompted for the profile to select. Select the profile you just added for your CRM online account.

You will be prompted to Add a Microsoft Dynamics Organization when opening Outlook. I select the CRM Online option.

You will be prompted again to sign in to Azure Services. Enter your online credentials.

Outlook will open and complete the CRM Outlook configuration for this profile.

You can now use this CRM Outlook profile for prospecting demo, training, helping users with issue, etc.

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