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1. New Capabilities in NAV 2015: Access Data from any Browser and any Device

One of the great new features in NAV 2015 is that you can access the program from wherever you are and fom any device you want. This means you can choose your favorite internet browser, such as Intenet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. Additionally, you will be able to access NAV 2015 from any device you would like, whether it be a Mac, Windows, or Linux operating system you will be able to access it all the same. In terms of security, Microsoft Dynamics NAV will be just as secure from any of the different application access methods that you use.

2. Tablet Friendly, Touch Friendly

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 comes equipped with a brand new tablet client. This will not just be touch enabled but is designed to be touch friendly, so that you can use the program exclusively with a keyboard if you desire.

3. Common User Experience Across All Devices

You can rest assured that regardless of how you use Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the user experience is going to common across al of the different modes. The windows client will give you the same type of environment that you will experience in the web or tablet client.

4. Disaster Recover

The web client is an excellent way to access NAV 2015 when you have a disaster recovery situation. Consider it is 4pm on a Thursday, and you need to do a check run but your computer just crashed. With NAV 2015, you can simply fire up another web browser from a different computer in your organization and you can count on the ability to be able to cut that check just as you would from your device.

5. Download NAV From Your APP Store

You can download the tablet applicaton for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 from your favorite app store. Whether you have an iPad and like to use the App/iTunes Store, or on your android device, using Google Play, or using your Windows device, using Windows Market.

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