• Michael Intravartolo

Creating and Copying Companies in NAV 2013 R2

Creating a new company in NAV was always so simple, wasn’t it? Go to File > Company > New in the Classic Client (or Development Environment, as it’s now called) and you were on your way.

If you’ve tried doing that in NAV 2013 R2, you were probably surprised to find that Company is no longer listed under the File menu. Who moved my cheese?!

No need to stress, because the function still exists. It’s just been moved to the RoleTailored Client.

You can watch the complete walkthrough below or directly on YouTube (http://youtu.be/wW2rm-smkHs)

Go to Departments > Administration > IT Administration > General > (Lists) > Companies (or you can use the Search bar and type in ‘Companies‘).

On this page, click New on the action item on the ribbon, and you will be prompted to enter a name for the new company. Press OK and you’re done (after some “hourglassing” as an old client of mine likes to say).

There’s also a Copy action item on the ribbon. To use this function, first select the company you want to copy from the list of Companies by clicking on it, then click Copy on the ribbon and enter the name you’d like to assign to the new company.

This is actually a major improvement from the way it used to be in prior versions, all the way up to NAV 2013. In the past, copying a company was a more complicated ‘musical chairs’ process. For example, if you wanted to create a copy of CRONUS USA and call it CRONUS USACOPY, you would have to:

  • Create a backup of the CRONUS USA company,


  • Restore the company backup of CRONUS USA to the database

This process would take quite some time (especially the step 3 if the company contained a lot of data). The new Copy functionality in NAV 2013 R2 streamlines it and I’ve found it to be much quicker.

You can also rename a company by editing the list of Companies and changing a company’s name. To delete a company, simply select it from the list by clicking on it and clicking the Delete action item on the ribbon. You cannot be logged in to the company you wish to delete, so you will need to switch to another company in the database first.

Note: The video walkthrough above includes ‘bonus’ content that is not included on this blog post (Using PowerShell to create a new company).


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