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The Value of CRM and xRM: Tracking Progress, Results and Reviving Legacy Software

The world of acronyms seems to grow by the day. CRM, for instance, is one that is used in the business world relating to technology that assist with building and fortifying your customer and prospect base, and stands for Customer Relationship Management. Now what does that mean from a practical standpoint? CRM software allows companies to keep tabs on sales leads, in addition to marketing, customer service and other opportunities that can help a business to grow and thrive. Pandora, which is a company recognized by many, is one of the many across the globe who not only trust Microsoft products but utilize them in their daily operations. Check here to view a brief video on their experiences with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Now maybe you’re not a company at all like Pandora, but there are a number business needs that remain the same across the board. In order to survive and outlast our competition, we must maintain regular contact with current customers, and actively engage with prospects we’re interested in doing business with. Microsoft Dynamics CRM assists companies in maintaining their customer and prospect databases, and setting goals with end dates on future contact that must be made. CRM also helps to keep track of marketing campaigns. You can go back in time, view results, and gauge their level of success in order to fine-tune future approaches. And here’s another acronym you may want to know about: xRM. The idea is to put the letter your company starts with [P for Pandora] in from of the R and M for relationship management, translating that the relationship management objectives are clearly aimed at helping companies reach their unique goals. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides flexible xRM capabilities which make it a popular choice for companies who have heavily customized software or ones that have truly become “legacy” programs, according to an article on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The article goes on to say that Dynamics CRM and the xRM platform can help to reduce the levels of customization in CRM software through strategic planning and smart management.

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