Cloud Computing: Otherwise Known as ‘The Cloud’

Whether you’ve heard it called The Cloud, or Cloud Computing, the idea is the same: access to software is made possible without having to purchase it, or to house or support it on your own server. Cloud computing partners provide the platform, security and software expertise – from a remote location – as a service you can pay for monthly on a subscription-basis.

The implications for businesses are many.

According to Tribridge, if a business chooses to move its data ‘onto’ The Cloud, the costs associated with hardware upkeep and maintenance become distant memories. IT resources [a.k.a. human resources] are then allowed to focus energy and time on other aspects of the businesses they work for.

Other features include increased portability [you can access data from anywhere on any device], and the number of users can be adjusted quickly and easily according to what the specific business dictates, without disruption to your current services.

Service delivery is touted as faster, and disaster recovery more stable, in addition to providing flexibility to utilize it with on-premise, hosted infrastructure.

Though Cloud infrastructure has been a top investment for CIO’s and technology managers this year, and ‘benefits’ appear to be ample, an independent survey conducted by Compuware APM shows concerns have moved away from privacy fears, and focused more on reliability and performance.

Venturebeat reports those surveyed worry about poor user experience, its negative effect on customer loyalty and reputation, along with revenue loss due to the above mentioned issues.

More than three-quarters of those surveyed also fear potential hidden costs of Cloud services, according to Venturebeat.

Even with the guarantees of 99.9% uptime, according to Venturebeat, that still means roughly nine hours of downtime during the course of a year. Unfortunately, when those nine hours occur during your business cycles is completely out of your hands.

To combat these concerns, demands that businesses can make of Cloud providers are that they provide access to performance visibility, the ability to monitor end-user experience and that problems are identified and dealt with early and often.

To learn about the role of IT in the era of Cloud Computing, and to watch a brief video about it, check here.

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