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10 Alarmingly Easy Tricks to Improve Your Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP Software Experience

Lately it seems like a lot of organization's are so focused on customizing Business Central to be as error proof as possible (and rightfully so) that they forget about incorporating the "little things." In this article I'm going to show you 10 simple but very effective tricks that go a long way to improving productivity.

1. Home Page (aka Role Center) Personalization

The first page you see when you log into Business Central is the Home Page which is commonly referred to as the Role Center. This page is arguably the most important page within Business Central because it's the page that is going to direct you in the right direction to accomplish your job. That's why Business Central allows you to show, hide, move, or edit the different sections on the page because less clutter means less of a chance of making a mistake.

2. Work with Multiple Companies

One of the selling points of Business Central is it's capability to have unlimited companies within one tenant. A lot of competitors to Business Central have this capability too but they require you to log off one company's environment and then log onto another company's environment. One can only imagine (and Microsoft did) how difficult this must be if your role at your organization requires you to work with multiple companies. That's why with Business Central you can have multiple companies open within multiple browser tabs. There is no more need to log in and out every single time you need to switch to a different company.

3. Pop Out Window Feature

One of the early draw backs to online ERP software was that you had to work only within one tab. This was no different for Business Central ERP software. However, Microsoft is continually updating Business Central with features and functionality that users want and quickly turned this idea into a out-of-the-box feature. Now you can have multiple browsers or windows open allowing you to multi task. How does this work? Each new window or browser is its own session which offers you no limitations to working concurrently with multiple pages.

4. Wide Layout Feature

Microsoft includes so many features within Business Central that they actually began to clutter the page. So, it was a no brainer when Microsoft added functionality to hide certain elements, but they took it one step further by adding a wide layout feature. What's the benefit of a wide layout feature? Well, there are many but the most obvious is being able to see more columns without having to scroll when you are working on a page.

5. Filters

Most people don't need to see all the information provided on certain Business Central pages, and every person shouldn't have to spend extra time searching for the information they need. Business Central filters are a great way to filter the information displayed to show only what you need. Once you are happy with your filter criteria you can save this for future use.

6. Attachments

Surprisingly, there are still documents being created outside of Business Central that need to be associated with customers, vendors, etc. Therefore, within Business Central you can attach items to different pages that will show up within the FactBox Pane.

7. Bookmarking Pages

Microsoft incorporated an idea into Business Central that people have been using for decades and are already familiar with...bookmarks. Just as you bookmark a page on your web browser you can now bookmark pages within Business Central.

8. Changing Descriptions on Posted Entries

This tip is not recommended to do regularly as it could have have an impact on audits and other things. However, there may be that one time where a description change is needed for a posted entry.

9. Modifying Columns

We all know the struggle of only seeing 1/4 or 1/2 of all the data within an Excel box and the same holds true within certain Business Central pages. We wanted to see more of the data we needed and Microsoft heard our cries because in Business Central you can modify columns to suit your needs.

10. Merge Customers / Vendors

Whether you have multiple years of customer and vendor data or you just imported a bunch of customer or vendor data, duplicate records are most likely a real struggle. Well, there's no more need to go through each record and update them individually. You can now merge the information and keep which fields you want.

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