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Our Implementation Approach

We do not just install software. Part of what makes our approach unique is our ability to develop a very strong synergy and solidarity between our relationship as a Microsoft Dynamics Partner and how our people can relate and support those products for the manufacturing, distribution and service industries.

Microsoft Dynamics has developed a set of guidelines to support the implementation of the Dynamics NAV product called Microsoft Sure Step.  This robust set of tools was developed in order to provide organizations such as Solution Systems with a standardized approach for implementing the Dynamics NAV software.


Our implementation methodology combines the Microsoft Sure Step along with our 33+ years of implementation and consulting experience with our clients. In turn, this has created the best possible structure for implementing the Dynamics NAV ERP solution.  

The trust we have with our clients is built on a commitment to our #1 goal which is to consistently support your business needs and maximize the benefits of our Dynamics NAV and CRM solutions for your company.

The core of our organization is centered on our ability to understand the ever changing needs of our clients. Our objectives are accomplished by providing highly flexible products that can be translated into solutions specific to the way you do business.

We understand how serious and difficult it can be to adjust to a new system in your company. Our goal is to not only help simplify your business structure but to make it as easy and as comfortable of a transition as possible for you and your business. We provide comprehensive training for your users and we offer full-service support for your entire system. Long after your new system has gone live, the level of dedicated training and support we offer you is one of key differentiators in how we work with our clients.


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