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Complete access to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Data

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Quickly and Easily Create Any Business Report Directly Inside Excel

You Should be Making Decisions, Not Manually Compiling Reports

You need reports in the format you want, in an environment you are familiar with, exclusive of having to rely on scarce technical resources. Without the right knowledge or the time to wait for someone with it, we often end up creating way more manual and time-consuming work for ourselves than we should by copying, pasting and exporting data into Excel to get reports when we need them.

  • All the data is in your system, but to build a custom, ad-hoc report you have to rely on your backlogged IT team to access it.

  • Most users attempt to create their own reports by copying and pasting all the information into an Excel sheet – a slow and error-prone solution to the problem, riddled with inaccuracies.

  • When your executive team wants answers, it’s up to you to provide them. The trouble is, when you have multiple data sources, companies and locations to report on, manual data consolidation becomes a burden and risks the integrity of your data.

Cut Reporting Time and Costs in Half with Microsoft Dynamics and Jet Reports from Solution Systems, Inc.

We know that a primary purpose of your business process management solution is to gain valuable insight and answers from all the data that you put in it. Get the reporting flexibility you need with our solution of Microsoft Dynamics and Jet Reports together.

Jet Reports is an advanced financial and business reporting solution inside of Excel and on the web. Designed specifically to work with Microsoft Dynamics ERP out-of-the-box, Jet Reports is an easy-to-use reporting platform where everyone can build reports and access your business data instantly.

  • No hard-coding required! Non-technical users can build ad hoc reports and queries without programming skills

  • Easily create and modify real-time financial and operational reports in any format you need

  • Familiar Excel-based user interface allows for fast training and adoption

  • Collaborate, access, and run reports from any device

  • Schedule reports to run and distribute automatically

  • Never second guess a report version again with report management and automation

  • Improve visibility, sharing, and collaboration with self-service portal

  • Complete report portability from one version of Dynamics to the next

  • Start building reports from day one

Get Flexible Financial and Business Reporting with Jet Reports and Microsoft Dynamics

Self-Service Reporting for Every User

Jet Reports leverages Excel to simplify report creation, streamline processes, and increase operational visibility within Microsoft Dynamics. Built to maximize productivity, you can get up and running with Jet Reports in less than a day, with:

  • Pre-built Microsoft Dynamics Report Templates

  • Free-Form Report Formatting and Drag-and-Drop Design Directly in Excel

  • Automated Reporting and Scheduling

Multi-Company Consolidation and Multi-Database Reporting

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Rossmore Management Group Uses Jet Reports to Improve Reporting Efficiency by 70%


Leveraging the familiar Excel-based interface, the employees of Rossmore Management Group are able to quickly create and share the reports they need in Jet Reports, without having to wait on external support. Learn more about their experience working with Jet Reports. 





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BPL Plasma Empowers Users with Self-Service Reporting and Over 80% Time Savings


Using Jet Reports for Dynamics NAV, all non-technical users at BPL Plasma are self-sufficient, building ad hoc reports and queries without a developer. Find out how they have been able to increase productivity across all 34 locations. 





Jet Reports: Flexible Financial and Business Reporting Inside of Excel and on the Web


Easily create any report you need, in any format you want, with Jet Reports. From financial statements to advanced business reports, find out how your non-technical users can begin building reports from day one with Jet Reports and Microsoft Dynamics.



Jet Globl Data - Reporting

Take Control of Your Financial Performance with Fast and Controlled Budgeting

"Excel-Mania" Has You Questioning the Value of Your Budget

Without any tools to design, share, and approve a budget for small to midsize businesses, most organizations resort to Excel-based budgeting to manage these processes. Unfortunately, disparate spreadsheets can’t be regulated and manually compiling and reconciling those numbers becomes a full-time job.

  • Excel might be a familiar tool, but the lack of control over manual data entry, versions, and format standardization often results in errors, inconsistencies, and inaccurate projections.   

  • With all of your time and resources spent sorting spreadsheets and reconciling numbers, less time is left to spend building and executing an effective budget and fiscal plan that drives performance and growth. 

  • Budgeting in silos has led to a lack of transparency throughout your entire budgeting process, with no visibility, communication, or insight into what other managers allocate.

  • Without the technology to merge your budgets and actuals together, you don’t have the ability to approve budget numbers based on facts, assess company performance or dynamically adjust your goals as needs change.

All of your manually compiled budgets are disparate from your financial system or ERP, making it difficult or impossible to report on budget to actual and variances.

Build Accurate Budgets in a Fraction of the Time with Microsoft Dynamics and Jet Budgets from Solution Systems, Inc.

Get more value from your fiscal planning processes with Microsoft Dynamics and Jet Budgets together, designed to help you create, manage, and collaborate throughout the entire budgeting lifecycle. With an intuitive Excel and web-based user interface, Jet Budgets makes it easy to build budgets, control inputs, track workflow, and drive strategic decisions based on realistic and accurate figures. 

  • The only all-in-one solution for budgeting and reporting built to work with Excel and Microsoft Dynamics

  • User-friendly, web-based interface that makes it easy to build, organize, and report on budgets through a centralized platform  

  • Managed, governed spreadsheets for complete version control and confidence in the numbers you report

  • Automated, scheduled workflows to keep the complex budget process organized and on track 

  • Flexibility to reassess and adjust budgets to meet changing fiscal needs

Easy to setup, fast to implement, and built to instantly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics

Transform the Way You Budget with Jet Budgets and Microsoft Dynamics

Accelerate and Simplify the Budgeting Process

Jet Budgets with Microsoft Dynamics offers you a quick and effective way to manage spreadsheets, assign budgets, communicate status, import into your financial system, and accurately report on actual-to-plan. Instead of waiting days and weeks, Jet Budgets can be installed within hours – so you can start setting up your budgeting workflow immediately!

  • Pre-Built, Customizable Budget Templates

  • Pre-built Microsoft Dynamics Report Templates

  • Intuitive Web Portal with Familiar Excel-Based Interface

  • Built-In Collaborative Platform

  • Accessible from Any Device

Instant Upload into Microsoft Dynamics ERP System

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Jet Budgets: Simple, Adaptable, and Controlled Budgeting for SMBs


Save valuable time and resources with a budgeting tool that was built to eliminate chaos and streamline the budgeting workflow. Find out how Jet Budgets and Microsoft Dynamics can help you create quick, accurate budgets that impact performance. 



Jet Global Data - Budgeting

Turn Your Data into Profitable Insight with Turnkey Analytics

Stop Spending More Time Consolidating Data than Analyzing It

With multiple sources of data to manually keep track of, a reliance on specialized internal resources for custom or ad-hoc reports, and limited real-time visibility into your operations – you need to access up-to-date and accurate data without complex, high-priced, or long implementations that ultimately rely on scarce technical resources.

  • Your non-technical users don’t have the skills to build their own reports and dashboards. Instead, they have to wait on a resource-strapped IT department.  

  • Without any standardization or flexible formatting, all of your reports are inconsistent and hard to read – making it impossible to spot anomalies or identify trends.

  • When your data lives in different places, it takes a lot of time and key resources to manually consolidate it. Before you know it, you’re making critical business decisions on an out-of-date report, or even worse, you never get the answers at all.  

  • You want stunning visuals from Power BI, but your data isn’t organized for you to properly use it for insight into performance.

You need an ERP solution that provides you with accurate insight for a competitive advantage, but the daunting risk, task, and cost of data migration prevents you from taking the next step.

Fuel Strategic Decision Making and Growth with Microsoft Dynamics and Jet Analytics from Solution Systems, Inc.

We have the solution to transform your data into actionable insight with Microsoft Dynamics and Jet Analytics, a fast and flexible corporate business intelligence and reporting platform. By bringing all your data together in one place, Jet Analytics gives you accurate data you can rely on, with the ability to quickly perform sophisticated business analysis in Excel, Power BI, and on the web.

  • Non-technical users have the power to build and modify their own reports and sophisticated dashboards inside Excel or Power BI – no database or programming expertise required!

  • User-friendly Excel interface and integration makes it easy to access your business data from Microsoft Dynamics for 50-70% faster report writing.

  • Turnkey installation in hours, with pre-built cubes, a data warehouse, and pre-built dashboards. The data warehouse automation platform we deliver gives you about 80% of the BI you need directly upon installation, saving on development costs and delivering value immediately.

  • Access your analytics and reporting from virtually any device with a web browser for complete operational visibility from anywhere.  

  • Easily customize your data warehouse and cubes for complete control over your data and complex reporting requirements. You can also automate tasks such as script programming, security, documentation, scheduled updates and more.

  • Eliminate complexity, reduce cost, and significantly decrease the risk of data migration in your Microsoft Dynamics implementation or upgrade with a platform to manage and organize legacy data in one place.

Base Your Decisions on Accurate Data with Jet Analytics and Microsoft Dynamics

Ready-To-Use Analytics

With easily accessible business intelligence at your fingertips, Jet Analytics is designed to improve efficiency, enhance employee productivity, and optimize business performance. And the best part is that it’s quick to install – so you can start building reports and dashboards immediately!

  • Pre-built Microsoft Dynamics Report Templates 

  • Pre-built Microsoft Dynamics Dashboards 

  • Pre-built Microsoft Dynamics BI OLAP Cubes and Tabular Models

  • Pre-built Microsoft Dynamics Data Warehouse 

  • Automated Data Warehousing 

  • Streamlined Data Migration from Legacy Systems

It’s our priority to make you as successful and productive as possible with Microsoft Dynamics while delivering the absolute best value. Schedule a personalized demo of Jet Analyt