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Ask, find, and act

Harnessing the power of Cortana and Power BI

The Power of Cortana and Power BI
Ask, find, and act--harnessing the power of Cortana and Power BI


What could be more natural than talking? Cortana, the Microsoft windows personal assistant, and Q&A, the Power BI natural language data search feature, have joined forces in a powerful way. This integration helps you pull more value out of your data. Cortana intelligently reasons over your datasets in Power BI, and provides rich, data-driven answers to your questions. Cortana and Power BI intuitively put business analytics power into the hands of your business users. 


In this article, we describe how the Windows Shell team at Microsoft uses cortana--by talking or typing--to get tailored views of critical business data, without ever touching a dashboard. This technology helps the team create curated views for both tactical and strategic purposes.  

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