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A successful invoice collection call requires that you do more than just pick up the phone and start dialing, and if you don't have a specific invoice collection call strategy in place you're wasting more time and money than you might realize on ineffective and inefficient processes.

Join us in this webinar and you'll learn how to conduct critical research to better understand the demographics and psychographics of your specific customer base so you can design and implement a more effective collection call strategy and shorten the order to cash cycle with less effort. 

This is a can't miss webinar for executives, managers, and collectors to learn how to develop a winning strategy in regards to your specific business and customer base to flat out get paid faster.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Research: Understanding your customers, contacts and accounts receivables

  • Set Goals: Get paid faster, reduce bad debt write-offs and reduce invoice disputes

  • Strategies: Automate email communications, centralize information, manage by exception

  • Call scripts: Know who to call, when to call, why you're calling, what to say, how to handle objections and what to do next. 

  • Measure Results: Business Analytics, key performance indicators and keep everyone informed

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