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DocumentPath enables NAV users to easily send Dynamics NAV documents however customers and vendors prefer - email, fax or hardcopy. Stop manually tracking how documents need to be sent and let DocumentPath do it for you. Define sending rules for each document type to route them to the right people automatically. A simple action can now generate the document PDF, add additional pages (terms and conditions sheets, MSDS sheets, etc.) and package everything up in a well-formed message to the correct person without needing to look anything up or key anything manually. 


If you never use reports in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you don't need ReportPath. Everybody else does. So, what does ReportPath do? While the product has a number of significant capabilities, the most obvious immediate change for users is a "My Reports" part on every role center. Users can finally save variations of report settings (filters and options) under different names. Stop running the Account Schedule report 10 different ways each week and entering different settings each time. No longer worry about updating date filters on the setup and let ReportPath handle it. Quick double-click shortcuts to run all your reports directly from your role doesn't get much quicker or easier. 

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